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Research & analysis

gain insight into business operations with Qualitative Research

Inductive qualitative research can identify opportunities or challenges. This type of research allows businesses to dig deep into the root causes of a phenomenon. We triangulate by using several sources of data such as document analysis, interviews with various stakeholders, and observations. Ethnography and case studies are two qualitative inductive methods used to theorize and generate models that explain a phenomenon. They allow us to identify constructs and explore processes. Ethnography and case studies are systematic empirical methods underrated in business research, although their findings are usually insightful.

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gain advantage over competitors with validated Scales and Indicies

To measure constructs and quantify them accurately, researchers use scales and indices. While these methods are conventional, very few scales and indices are validated. We create, modify, and validate suitable scales or indices for measuring construct, giving an advantage over competitors by collecting more reliable data that reveals better opportunities. We use factor analysis and principal component analysis to create and validate scales and indices.

test models using Descriptive Statistics

We use advanced software packages to collect and analyze statistical data. After summarizing the data in descriptive statistical tables, we run analyses to identify patterns or test hypotheses that connect different constructs. This method is standard for testing the validity of models that reflect common beliefs about the business.

take advantage of social media with Data Scraping and Text Analysis

Social media is a valuable source of information, as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, to collect extensive data, but this can be tedious and time-consuming. We help businesses make sense of it all and identify patterns by scraping data from social media and ERP systems, then analyzing it using text analysis. This process allows decision-makers to identify common trends that are useful for future planning and strategizing.


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