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Reduce costs using Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis helps to identify the critical variables of a significant influence on the cost and benefit of a project. It helps categorize the key variables that have the most significant impact on the decisive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measure the effect that decisions and changes have on project objectives.


Animated simulation allows for the identification of which activities or resources in a process are the most significant, and what the impact is on the targeted KPIs is when changing these activities and resources. Understanding such variables allows for the mitigation of the risks derived from any change to these critical activities and recourses.


Identifying bottlenecks

Optimize Operations 

A bottleneck will restrict the flow of the work items at a particular location, resulting in delays and increased cost. Simulation allows us to identify the bottleneck, assess the reason behind it, and suggest solutions. Bottlenecks frequently move from one location to another throughout the problem-solving process; however, with multiple simulations, bottlenecks could be eliminated from the process without the actual risk or cost of trial and error. 

Improve Staff Morale

Bottlenecks are detrimental to staff morale. 


Employees lose motivation when overloaded or unable to achieve their tasks due to constant delays and deadline changes. Simulation can optimize operational processes and improve staff morale, maximize productivity, and therefore raise profits. 

Stakeholder Contribution, Mindfulness, and Assurance

Animated simulation allows the identification of the exact location of a bottleneck within an operation process.

Presenting a visual that depicts real-life operations in a matter of minutes allows stakeholders to gain a clearer understanding of the process and address potential issues. This visual makes animated simulation an excellent tool for allowing stakeholders to make more educated decisions.


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