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Animating business

digital replicas

Persuade your Stakeholders

Making changes and implementing bold plans is difficult, but convincing clients or boards to agree to them is often a challenge all its own. Stakeholders are typically hesitant to implement changes or purchase products because they are unsure of how they will impact operations.


GORE develops digital replicas that accurately show current operations. Using your replica, GORE assists you in testing your plans and simulates the outcomes against your chosen KPIs. This allows you to present simulated results which gives you and your stakeholders greater insight and confidence in your plans to advance your business.

What is a Digital Replica?

A digital replica is a powerful dynamic model of physical systems, organizations, operations, and processes used for various purposes. Animated simulations are a useful tool for creating digital replicas.

The basic concept of digital replicas is to create a separate informed digital entity of a physical system. This digital entity, existing in the virtual world, would be a model mirroring the information embedded within the physical system itself.

Digital replicas are ideal in providing insights that prevent inefficiency and idle time. They highlight new opportunities, provide support in making day-to-day decisions, and developing future strategies. Digital replicas facilitate the assessment of past performance KPI metrics, gauge future performance, and make short-term operational decisions. 

Bring in Investment

Demonstrating potential of business operations is a critical factor that investors consider when choosing to invest. GORE develops your digital replica as a way to demonstrate to investors the current scale of your operation and how their investment directly increases your organization's profitability.

Validate Digital Replicas with Real-World Data 

The digital replica can update with the latest data generated from sources such as production schedules or ERP systems to monitor performances. It provides decision-makers with valuable tools to run forward and subsequently make decisions more effectively and informatively. 


Not only can animated simulations model operations that take place over years-long or seconds-long timescales, but they also allow stakeholders to view the operation, process, and results in just a few minutes. 


Choosing animated simulation to imitate the physical entity or process can prove to be an intelligent investment as it comes at a fraction of the cost and provides the same value and insight. Simulation is a faster and more affordable way to go. 

Easy Experimentation 

Simulation is an advanced instrument for experimenting before process transformations. GORE helps you test changes in operations, evaluate the impact of changes, and identify weaknesses, in a matter of seconds. The simulations GORE develops can test fundamental, troublesome, and groundbreaking changes in a risk-free digital environment, while simultaneously demonstrating them using animation within minutes. 


process transformations

Test Process Changes Risk-free

GORE facilitates testing many different scenarios within a simulation then provides comprehensive results that can help measure how the modification of variables' impact outcomes, KPIs, and overall performance. GORE uses advanced animated simulations to help you evaluate processes, test changes, and optimize operations in a risk-free environment.

Improve your Processes

Any process can be simulated irrespective of its complexity. GORE develops an accurate representation of how a process works and uses it to evaluate the root cause of bottlenecks. The simulation maps out the process to include anything from the supply of raw materials to the rate of customers arriving into a system. 

Identify. Evaluate. Improve.

The first step to improving any process is identifying where problem areas are and where change would be most effective. It is essential to have an in-depth understanding of organizational processes, people, technology, and the overall company culture to successfully implement any process transformation. Effective transformations start with gathering facts and using data-driven methods to identify problem areas, then working backward to plan the customer experience, value proposition, and strategy.


Animated simulation can build the foundation for process transformations by understanding business processes and finding the root cause of inefficiencies and weaknesses. A simulation, based on facts and data, will highlight inconsistencies in a process and consider how every element works along the way. Animated simulations provide data on every part of a process that allows the evaluation of potential options for improvement and development of a strategy based on accurate evidence, information, and facts.

Increase Productivity

GORE increases the productivity of your organization by identifying bottlenecks and transforming processes. Businesses lose large sums of money and production output because of poor scheduling, outdated technology, and suboptimal organizational structures. GORE assesses various aspects of a business and creates informative reports to help increase productivity. GORE also provides the ability to simulate a business and demonstrate how different decisions increase productivity of employees and improve morale.

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Importance of Transformation in the Digital Age 

Digital Transformations are one of the most critical advancements that organizations must embrace their processes and business to remain current and compete in the digital age. However, many organizations find Digital Transformation quite daunting because of a lack of understanding and familiarity with how to implement it throughout current processes.


Simulation can facilitate the Digital Transformation of an organization by taking into account all the complex variables involved. Forecasting, investment outlay, time estimate, and collaboration across the process subsequently help improve customer experience and achieve organizational objectives. Simulation helps the consideration of options and plans to thrive in a competitive environment.

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